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Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

As the marketplace has become more digital and data-driven, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) goes beyond a platform or software: it’s the entire process of managing and analyzing customer interactions, anticipating needs and desires, optimizing profitability, increasing sales, and personalizing lead nurturing campaigns.

Salesforce Sales Cloud 360 is the most powerful cloud CRM tool on the market, which will allow you to help your sales force perform more intelligently, centralizing the information of their accounts and contacts, keeping track of their interactions with your company in an automated way, turning tasks into a constant value chain for your customers. This means they will spend less time on administrative processes and more time closing sales. Sales Cloud 360 provides real-time visibility into the activities of your entire team, so forecasting sales with confidence has never been easier.

Benefits of
Salesforce Sales Cloud

Build lasting relationships and gain loyal customers with every interaction.

Connect your sales, marketing, finance, billing, and service teams to guide each prospect through a personalized experience map. Turn every conversation into a business opportunity.

Maximize your investment

Achieve a faster return on your investment. No matter the size, industry or location of your company. You’ll be able to increase sales rep productivity and increase revenue through intelligent, data-driven actions.

Strengthen your team. Expand your processes. Accelerate your revenue.

Connect with your customers, forecast with confidence and transform their buying experience. In other words, your sales leaders, reps and operations teams can generate great sales opportunities.


Make every minute count: automate your processes and access your data through any device.

Empower your sales reps to work faster. Increase your team’s impact with information, guidance and forecasts created from artificial intelligence. Online or offline, the data your sales team needs is at their fingertips.

Develop your sales strategy and expand your reach.

Adjust your strategy on the fly. Respond to new markets and industries, knowing your specific geographic area. Increase team performance, track your sales reps and more.

Flexible enough to help you adapt quickly. Powerful enough to help you grow faster Flexible enough to help you adapt quickly. Powerful enough to help you grow faster

Drive your digital transformation with the perfect CRM. Scale with ease, no matter what stage of growth you’re in. We build on a legacy of innovation. For the 14th consecutive year, we’ve been named a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Sales Force Automation (SFA).

Salesforce Sales Cloud features

Account and contact management

Get a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications and internal account discussions.

Gestión de cuentas y contactos
Gestión de oportunidades

Opportunity Management

Get a complete view of your team’s deals with Opportunity Management. Monitor the environment, products, competition, quotes and more. Stay connected to the people and information you need to close sales.

Reports and Dashboards

Easily track your opportunities, conversion rates and pipeline status in real time.

Reportes y Dashboards
Salesforce Móvil

Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce turns your mobile device into a portable sales office. You can record calls, respond to leads, no matter where you are.

Email Integration

Sell smarter by synchronizing your email with contacts, events and tasks. Even stay on top of the status of each of your opportunities. Get a complete view of all your customer interactions with Salesforce’s email integration.

Integración con el Email
Manejo efectivo de su pronóstico de ventas

Effective management of your sales forecast

Consult in real time the sales forecasts of your entire team, allowing you to make timely decisions. Through this component, you will be able to visualize all the history recorded in each of the opportunities.

Workflow and approvals

Use Visual Workflow to quickly design and automate any business process with drag-and- drop simplicity, and drive success with flexible approval processes for agreement discounts, expenses and more.

Flujo de trabajo y aprobaciones
Sincronización y uso compartido de archivos

File Synchronization and Sharing

Now it’s easier to share files, discuss them, publish the best ones and keep track of your content in real time. Quickly find what you’re looking for, share it securely and even subscribe to receive alerts when something changes.

Sales data management

Get the right sales data at the right time. Connect with key decision makers faster. Plan territory distribution easily. Increase sales and marketing productivity with the latest, most accurate data.

Gestión de datos de ventas

Xentric360 offers you Sales Cloud

Xentric 360, provides you with the information you need to acquire Sales Cloud and contribute to the digital transformation of our region.

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