Boost Conversions with Email Personalization: Xentric 360 & Salesforce

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The importance of email marketing and the potential impact it has on engagement and conversions

In a world overwhelmed with digital noise, email marketing remains a powerful tool for reaching your audience directly. Studies have found that personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates. (Source: Experian) And they’re not just numbers. Personalized emails feel more personal, fostering a connection between your brand and customer. Every time your audience opens an email, you have a critical opportunity to engage, nurture, and convert them into paying customers.

Optimizing email personalization to increase conversions

Email personalization is no longer just about adding a customer’s name to the opening line. It’s about leveraging the data collected through CRM marketing and marketing automation software to create a tailored and relevant experience for every individual.

Effective personalization elements

  • Segmentation: Split your email list into segments based on behaviors, preferences, or past purchase history.
  • Dynamic Content: Use marketing automation software to dynamically alter the content, images, and calls-to-action for each email segment.
  • Behavior-Triggered Emails: Automate and personalize follow-up emails based on user interaction.

Doing Email Personalization with Salesforce

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, one of the most robust marketing cloud solutions, is designed to make sophisticated personalization straightforward and effective.

Setting up personalized email campaigns

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, setting up a personalized email campaign is streamlined. You have access to various tools that enable precise segmentation and personalization at scale. And as your trusted Salesforce partner, Xentric 360 can guide you through this process, ensuring that your emails not only reach your customers but resonate with them.


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In summary, the power of persuasion lies in relevance and timing. Powered by software marketing tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, personalization is the key to unlocking this potential. By leveraging CRM marketing strategies and marketing automation software, businesses can craft email campaigns that feel personal and timely, persuading readers to take that all-important next step: conversion.

To make the most out of your email marketing efforts and to craft messages that persuade and convert, reach out to Xentric 360, your expert Salesforce partner today.